I live half a mile from a busy street. I’m half an hour away from a major airport. I’m a thirty- minute drive to a bustling city and fifteen minutes from the beach. We have every conceivable convenience known to man within very easy reach. We’ve got malls and museums, bakeries…
How old were you the first time somebody called you “spry?” It took me by surprise, today. He was a young nurse practitioner and not at all solicitous…
Playing it by Year
Consider the possibility that every single thing that happens in the course of a given day is designed to align us with our potential. We are all…
Ronald Reagan, Jr. has a public service announcement on television in which he declares himself a proud atheist and asks the like-minded and agnostics…
Happy New Year!
(a little extra under the tree)
Merry Christmas One & All
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Yankee Jazz